Monday, January 21, 2013

Last day in New Orleans

 Playing with my new lens - which is a wide angle lens that
attaches to my 18-55 lens.
And has macro and super macro.
 I had a blast with it. This is Pirates alley which is
on the haunted tour. I didn't see no ghosts.
 I love this shot. There's so much more in the photo.
 Man on a smoke break.
It's my artistic shot of the day.
 Pat O'brien's bar.
I'm sure after you leave the bar this dude 
gets better looking.
 Carriage ride tour. 
Love the horse.
 Infamous Bourbon Street in the daylight.
 Which totally removes the mystique.
And the statues of famous jazzmen.
Fats Domino, Al Hirt and Pete Fountain.

Heading home tomorrow. Can't wait.
And yet I can.
Plumbing issues await.
Not happy about that.
At. all.


  1. Love your pictures! I could learn so much from you!

  2. These make me feel like I'm there. Awesome shots, Lynn!

  3. of the fictitious dream trip I plan for us and cameras in my head sometime - I think we'd have a blast there too ;) Love the ArtisticShot of the day - tilted (you know I like off-kilter)


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