Friday, January 4, 2013

Sledding Budz

So this page didn't turn out quite like I envisioned.
Which surprises you I know.
It all started with the snow flakes.
My snowflake is a quickutz die - and I wanted to splat it 
around on the paper as a background thing.
Remember um.....a few years ago when Quickutz was sort of cutting edge,
they came out with a package that could convert your die cut into a stamp.
I KNOW......
 I've moved that box around and stored it safely way back on a shelf and completely
forgot about it until the other day.
So I broke it out and made a snowflake stamp.
 Snowflake stamp Snowflake stamp Snowflake stamp 
(say it 3 times fast) LOL!
Well I used white paint the first time and it didn't quite meet my vision.
It's ok to roll your eyes too.
So I decided to embossed the white. So now it just looks like a shiney splat.
Saw that coming didja.
And then I decided blue because well.... Why not?
Hmmm...and then I decided I should just cut some snowflakes too.
What a saga.
And its all good.


  1. really~you have all the cool stuff. Never heard of that, but I love how it turned out!!! Totally awesome!!!

  2. LOL! I still think it came out awesome. That red pp makes me think of tire tracks which somehow works with a sledding layout.


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