Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Future barista

Now Owen looks the part. 
I wish I thought of the Starbucks apron.
He loves to make coffee and since his parents
purchased a Kerig, his job became a 
little easier especially since he
needs to be a wee bit taller to reach over the countertop.
While we were there for Thanksgiving, he
had a blast taking orders, and making us coffee to order.
We couldn't drink fast enough for O as he was impatient to fill the next order.


  1. The Keurig is a big fascination in our house too. LOL! Too cute! Such a great page! Love your new blog header too!

  2. I have one too and LOVE it!!!! Love the new header and wall paper and the LO is so CUTE!!!

  3. That is adorable!! He is so cute. I love your new blog look too.


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