Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bellowing from the treetop

 on a canal on the edge of our backyard and teeming with
other quieter wildlife.
Is this limpkin.
Who is not quiet.
He has been stalking us for a long long time
and can be stealthy in nature.
You can hear him with all the doors and windows closed
and the air conditioning running.
He's that loud.
He finally came out of the trees to bellow his presence 
and of course I had to stalk him.
I was able to snap some pix because he was so caught up
in his yowling that I was able to sort of sneak up.
I was standing upon our grassy knoll with 300mm zoom canon lens.
 Limpkins have a screech that makes it sounds like they are in distress.
And this one does this LOUDLY and LONGLY because no volume
control is involved.
And he does it ALL.DAY.LONG and 
I know you want to hear how it sounds so go here and
just because you can turn the volume UP to get the full effect.
And there was no budging him out of the tree.
SO as I type this....he's screeching.
Loudly and Longly.


  1. so OF COURSE I had to listen to the sound and my cat FREAKED OUT. Mighty Dragon indeed. LOVE the stalking shots though - and it does sound like someone in distress. ALmost as bad as hearing jets doing flyovers in VB...almost...

  2. Awesome photos Lynn ... so sorry you have to deal with all that screaming ... but the Limpkin looks pretty, and makes for some great photo ops right.

  3. definitely rocking that 300 :)

  4. Yikes! He is beautiful but that would get old fast. Get you some earplugs.


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