Monday, January 21, 2013

The Mighty Mississippi was a busy waterway

 The tugs were the workhorses of the day. 
And they came in assorted, cute colors.
I'm sure the Captains want to hear how cute they are.
 Big ships docked at colorful wharfs.
 Ferries making crossings to and fro.
 Tugs pushing barges around up river.
 And tugs pushing barges on down the river.
 New Orleans is full of these balconies.
And yes, they make me swon.
The shutters, the doors, all a part of ambience that is New Orleans.
 And the sidewalk entertainment never ends. The Beverly
Hillbillies entertaining the crowd and I must say the lady on the spoons 
could make them sing, and she was fascinating to watch.
And this gentleman was a lot of fun to watch.
Doing a lot of poses with his adorable pooch.
It was hard to catch sitting on the curb,
people were walking by and in front of. 
Very annoying but part of the charm.

I must say I'm falling in love with my stock lenses.
I became more creative and thoughtful using an 18-55 when I'm
used to cranking out 17-270.
All I had to do was move a little closer.
I also had on hand my 75-300 (for some of the closeups on the tugs)
and it was fun to pull it out and change lenses.
I have a new wide angle lens with a macro. And tomorrow I'm
going to do the tour all over again.
With my new lens.
And won't that be fun!


  1. loved looking through your collection of pic's~very cool the guy was posing for you!!!

  2. Such cool pics, Lynn! Looking forward to more. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I can't even imagine lens that goes to 270 or 300! My walkaround is my 17-55 and that sucker is heavier than my camera body. My longest zoom is a 28-105.


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