Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tornado Tuesday was more a slight breeze...

LOL!! Which is okay...things happen. Like last night was Manic Monday which I usually host. However, due to plumbing issues beyond my control, flooring for the kitchen needed to chosen as well as checking out bathroom vanities and tiles. SO Manic wasn't very manic. Since all things were taken care of. Tornado Tuesday sort of evolved, because I needed to do something creative, because my humble abode is about to become chaotic.
Started with the sketch above, challenged by my pal April I actually had a small photo that needed scrapping. Total win-win. Got carried away with the color blue and found I really can't sew in a straight line. Which is ok - just tilt your head and it'll all work out.
I totally couldn't help this one. Poor Lucy waiting for some attention. It was going to be awhile as they are intent on their presents. Did a bit o'fussy cutting with the ornaments. Love how they turned out.


  1. you are a tornado~posting two LO's~you have been busy. Love the sketch and the lovely blue and blue butterfly. Lovin' the second one~super cute title:):)

  2. Love these. The dog one is so funny. Our dog loves to play and she thinks our purpose in life to always be ready to play with her.


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