Monday, January 7, 2013

As I was rifling through my way-back box

 Some photos popped out and "spoke" to me. This first one "My boys" 
is a great photo. First, mom didn't whack our heads off by trying to be creative,
and second, check out the surroundings. There are clothes on the line
and a tub of "stuff" in there too. How cool is that.
But more importantly we are all holding hands and 
I'm the only girl.
And they were my boys. My brother and the neighbors, Craig and Bruce.
Bruce and I were the same age and in the same grade but didn't have the same teachers.
Which is probably just as well.
Another thing, don't let that dress fool ya! I was a total tomboy and these guys 
were the pals I hung out with. We played dodgeball and baseball - my pal Bruce was the first to
hit me in the face with a wiffle ball because I wasn't fast enough to duck or catch it.
Best day!
We were sort of sweet on each other but back then it as more like smacking a face
with a wiffle ball sweet. So we were good to go.
This one just police come help.
 However, back in my day
if there were fashion police they didn't make it to my neck of the 'hood.
We wore hand-me-downs and whatever my parents could afford.
And we didn't whine nor complain.
However, its tough to choose between the hat, the 'do, the GLASSES, the coat, leotards and boots.
I mean seriously, each could stand alone in the ugly department.
And oh, how precious is this. 
My great great grandmother holding her granddaughter.
There were changes to this page because in reading the back of the photos
Lynn and/or moi made it harder than it needed to be.
Shocking I know. to the rescue in sorting in out. 
Unfortunately, the ephiphany of facts
came after I had put said facts to INK on the page. 
So opportunity arises
and its different from the vision but its still precious all the same.
OH! You want facts? 
Well, ggm is Mathilda Anderson with her son Herman, is married to 
Grace with daughter June. 
I had wife and child confused. 
So title and info changed.
However, I did find later that there was another daughter named Grace, after momma
but the dates didn't match so I know I'm right here.
They did that a lot back then, momma's naming daughters after themselves.
Which I think is kinda cool. Confusing....but cool.
Because it often leads to nicknames to avoid confusion. 
Which is still confusing but kinda cool.

(All photos used in the scrapping hereof are ORIGINALS).


  1. aww I love seeing these old photos! These layouts showcase them beautifully! I especially like that shaped one.

  2. I don't know what I enjoyed more...your commentary or your awesome pages. :)

  3. YAY for using originals :)
    and WOOHOO for busting out the mojo and gettin things done!

  4. I LOVE these!!! I have some that look like that!! Awesome inspiration girl!!!

  5. I loved this post of yours... and one more thing, I love the place (the background) where you keep the cards and click the pictures. good work!!


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