Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giddy Up

First, I love this paper from my Studio Calico kit.
And this photo of moi just happened to land
on top of when it was laid on my desk
and I went hmmmm...
(Just a whiney aside: I glanced at the back of the paper briefly,
and then flipped it back. As I was putting the page in my
album it stuck out of the page protector.
It seems that they make a WHOLE page in a pattern
and put the strip on the flip side.
There is no way to trim it off now)
Anyhoo, another original photo is now "safe" from
being rumpled and crushed.
So that baby in the carriage is me.
And I look like I'm ready to ride and have the wind
blow my hair back.
That's half of my gram visiting with her neighbor Mrs. Woodring
(if she had a first name I never knew it).
Gram is also decked out. I can tell by the white sandals.
And it appears Mrs. Woodring is standing behind the door while chatting.
So many interesting details.
In Gram's 'hood, porches were on the side or back of the house
and the grownups would sit outside in the cool of the night
visiting while watching us kids catch fireflies
 and put them in a jar with grass.
I guess the grass was comforting to the firefly.
(ooooo NEED to find a photo to go with that journaling).


  1. Feeling the wind in your hair LOL
    Amen for the "visiting"....I miss that with my grandparents too

  2. Look at you! Such a great photo. I've had the paper strip thing happen to me before too. :( I now religiously flip papers back and forth and back and forth so it doesn't happen again. LOL!

  3. That has happened to me also-mine was where I could trim the extra the picture and the way you designed it all. beautiful!!!!

  4. What a cute picture and layout. That background paper is gorgeous.


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