Sunday, January 20, 2013

Because its pre Mardi Gras

 Tom and I decided to get out of dodge and headed down Route 11 
(eventually) toward Venice.
We traveled the highways and byways - checking out every nook
and cranny.
 I did practice my drive by photography skills and loved the sky on the
photo above, and the trees.
 We coasted into a marina and found this awesome view. 
The fisherman had a redfish on his line.
 And then we came across shrimpers. For those of you who know me,
know that shrimpers make me swoon.
 Cemeteries make me swoon too.
 So break out the smelling salts.
The cemeteries crop up here in Luzianna just off the side of roads.
Wherever. To me its really bizarre but only because 
its all above grounds. I have encountered
other cemeteries close to the road, in tiny clusters
that may or may not be on holy ground.
So I'm thinking that because the tombs are above ground
that make it totally eerie.
I'm not seeing any ghosts here either.
Made hubby STOP, block traffic to get this shot.
The clouds should be making you swoon too.
I'm an equal opportunity swooner.
Then we stumbled upon Fort Jackson.
Its located in the Plaquemines Parrish 70 miles outside of New Orleans.
It was recommended by Andrew Jackson after the war of 1812
that a fort on this side of the Mississippi would be prudent. 
 It became a national historic landmark in 1960.
 It was a confederate controlled fort until the union attacked it.
The rebels held out for 12 days until they were defeated
by the union, who went on to capture the town of New Orleans.
 Fort Jackson is on the mighty Mississippi and boats of all sizes run the river.
Caught this gorgeous tug nicely making way.
And yes, tugs make me swoon. Too.
And you'll notice how bizarrely the skies change.
 We also came upon a project by the Army Corp of Engineers
and their effort to tame the Mighty Mississippi. 
It appears the Mississippi has a mind of its own and will take to
flooding lowlands and leaving busy ports high and dry.
 So here's some mat sinking action going on. 
It appears that the mat sinkers live aboard a vessel and the 
bull dozers are anchors that keep said vessel from tossing to and fro
due to lack of docks. 
I'm happy to say that the Army Corp of Engineers do not make me swoon.


  1. Beautiful road trip through words and pics! Some day, I'd love to travel with you!

  2. love love love the pics i am so putting this trip on my bucket list i may need to scrap some of your pics...

  3. So beautiful. You're inspiring me to make sure I take more pictures on vacation. I don't have the eye for what is kodak-worthy but I'm learning.


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