Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In doing a layout for my beloved muttlings, I wanted to create my own flower. So I took a scalloped ruffle die, AND some material I had forever.........Just trying to cut the material didn't work.So I added paper as a shim and wa-la - A material scalloped edge doily looking thing. OR a flower. Machine is still in operating order. So below is the material flower I made for my beloved muttlings. I also punched some paper flowers and used the material in the middle for continuity. I have no idea what the paper is there were no markings, names - nada on it but its perfect! Heidi Swapp stamp. I should've titled it The Spotlings and Redheaded Step Dog. Our family dynamics were a bit unusual. bwahahaha!I miss my muttlings. We had them for over 13 years. They were a little leary of Shane at first, who was like a galloping tornado, and they were used to calm. Rox just fit in wherever she went. And none of them paid attention that I was the alpha female. Snort.

Every other month during the spring and summer of last year, I said goodbye to each one. Occasionally I see Shirley sunning by the front door. Her favorite spot. And when all 3 were bothered by Shane, they crammed themselves under my desk (the space was barely big enough for my feet). Then they let me be the alpha female. bwahaha!


  1. Sweet layout. I'm so sorry for your loss. :( What a beautiful tribute!

  2. The Lo is great~glad to know to use a paper while cutting the material. Sorry about your buddy (dog)!!!

  3. those flowers are pretty!! cute layout
    sorry about your loss...

  4. aw..so sorry about buddy...it is so hard to go through

  5. awww man...almost made me tear up. I know my Gracie is my baby and I'm dreading the day I have to say goodbye. I love how you created this page to remember them and loved the history of your muttlings.

  6. HEY -- cool flower technique.
    Sorry about the doggies, they had good lives with you. Especially after you retired just to stay home and answer their beck and call... ;)


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