Sunday, February 6, 2011

Found another lighthouse in my travels......and I'll be

darn if I can ID the thing. I know its on the California coast. I know its NOT Piedras Blancas light station. Its on Cabrello Highway.....and that's it. Which is totally frustrating, because its totally cool. I really need to learn to take better notes. Of course this was on the twisting, turning road with 3m feet drop offs so I was off my feed so to speak. lol!!!I cruised up and down google looking. How hard can it be to actually POST a picture of said lighthouse when bragging about it being a museum and national park. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.


  1. Great Photo :) It looks like Piegon Point Lighthouse. I have a lighthouse thing ;) I have taken photos of at least 1/2 a dozen in OR and WA.

  2. I LOVE lighthouses too. My suggestion? Go to a few towns along the road you travelled. Go to their websites. Post the picture, and ask if they recognize it. Someone who lives around it, will recognize it.

    Great picture.

  3. Oooh....I would do anything for that view right about now. Instead, I get to look at ugly snow. Ugly because there's too much of it on the ground, and it isn't even white anymore. It's dirty snow. The worst kind! Ha ha.

  4. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....I like this!!! :)


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