Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Manic Trash Talkin...Productive Scrapfest......

Usually I'm struggling for something to write or scrap. However, the mojo has been flowing. Why??? I don't know if I wanna analyze it or not. But for ONE, we are just plain having fun doing it, and yes you can cyber crop and have a good time with others. 
Another chaotic thread at Scrapping the Moments bears this out. 
Below is the lo I completed Saturday nite, and it was my turn and I picked out scrap with something brown. And brown set my lighthouses OFF. woo hoo.
I adore lighthouses. 
I've had these photos since JUNE. 
 I think I just gave myselft persmission to scrap, have fun and KNOW that all will not be the Mona Lisa. It's ok to print out lots of pix and if I run out of printer ink, I'll get more payday.
 It's ok to scrap more than just immediate family.
Why I limited myself. I have no idea. But its fun being free.
Ticket to ride was from last night. The challenge?
Scrap 6x12 size, my favorite so no sweat there.
 We also had a free for all and I had this composition book sitting around looking normal.
Well its normal no more.
My Mind's Eye. YUM!! YUM!!!
The photo doesn't actually do it justice. I'm going to try USE it as an artistic journal.
My chaotic and talented pal April  (check out her blog) and really don't plan these things, except hooking up and getting on a thread.
 I love the freewheeling and chaos.
More the merrier and manic!


  1. You should have an album full of layouts by now!! Great job and they are all beautiful and I love the journal you did!!! fabulous!!!

  2. Hey Lynn,
    That album you were asking about on my blog is by Tattered Angels. I've had it for several years and finally used it. I really have no idea where you might get one but I'm guessing there are still some around but unfortunatley my LSS doesn't have them or I'd ship you one.

  3. Beautiful projects. I love all the brown papers you used on the first page!

  4. I did a little search and found this:

  5. and this one. There are many more if you search for the album title. HTH

  6. FABULOUS!!!!!!
    I love out of control scrapping...
    In fact, most things about me are out of control. Good and bad...ying and yang...all that ;)

    *heart* the brown ones and alllll the grandbabies make the bestest subjects! :)

  7. Gorgeous work Lynn ... I hope eventually I'll catch you all in the middle of a scrapfest and be able to join you.


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