Thursday, February 24, 2011


Love this photo of Connor. Its quite mysterious and cool with the hood partially over his face. I just wish it wasn't taken with an iphone because this is as large as it gets. Sigh. Actually I'm glad to have the photo. The composition rocks!!!

Nikki Silvis strikes again!!!! Love it. Stole putting the picture on a journal tag from my pal April. Scroll down. Love her design on 6 months old. QK dragonfly. 

Why did I use QK instead of my new sissix font?? While I purchased the long cutting board, it didn't come with the clear sandwich thingies. Grrr!!! Now I have a mission.


  1. What cute LO!!! The paper is so bright and colorful perfect for your photo!! Love visiting your blog Lynn and love your humor!!!!

  2. Very cute layout. And you showcased it perfectly. A hint of mystery in how you presented it. Great job!

  3. Great layout!! I love the colors :)

  4. That pic would look cute blown up, but this layout is gorgeous, just the way it is!

  5. on a roll with the paper!!! ;)

    LOVE THAT PHOTO. would be spectacular all huge!

    THANK you for snapping up my stuff and linkin' me up my bestest!


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