Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girly Girls...........

my SIL and favorite Goddaughter are just so beautiful. What is soooooo totally annoying is that they NEVER EVER take a bad photo.


Great for me because when I take their photo they make me look REALLY good. Like a real photograher.

However, since when my picture is taken I have to project manage it to the NTH degree just to be decent.

It ain't right.

I wanna be that gorgeous. Without effort.

Hmmm...I'm thinking DIVA might've worked too = only my SIL Kathy would've been horrified. Because as gorgeous as she is she's not a DIVA. Amy on the otherhand, like TOTALLY. lmao......

So what better to showcase their gorgeousness but lots of primas and 7 gypsies. AND my new sissix swirl AND QK journal font. yum-o.


  1. YOU my friend are out of control. Totally and completely out of friggin control!!
    Title rocks.
    Papers rock.
    Pictures rock.
    you are a photographer -duh! Rock ;)
    LOVE when your mojo goes all off-roading and stuff!!!

  2. I agree with April~the LO rocks in every way!!!


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