Saturday, February 26, 2011

Does anyone remember Chatterbox??? brother was one when he was a child so this pattern paper just works perfectly and the colors are manly.

 I love this photo of him dressed up like a little man.

We did that a lot back in the day.

Sometimes it was just a regular thing, like going to church and Sunday school was and event.

So you dressed up.

Maybe it was just to keep warm. I'm glad he was adorable enough to drag into the backyard and snap a photo.

I love the casualness of today, but sometimes its nice to be forced into an event.  Every now and then.

Do you notice that ephemera behind the paper? Got that from Bad Girls. A hardware shop in the Lehigh Valley area, where we're from.

How cool is that.

I have one more left.

 And Tim Holtz grungeboard. Yum. MM evergreen paint. QK cookie cutter hearts and an EK heart punch and those bookworks words and MM's alphas..unknown ribbon.


  1. I love scrapbooking the old photos! mine just aren't very good though~You do such a good job~lovely!!!

  2. I LOOOOVE IT! Chatterbox --- I think I have some of, I'm sure I do. SOmewhere. Vintage is your middle case you didn't know :)

  3. Super page, great design work ... and the Chatterbox is perfect. Love your work Lynn.


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