Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fired UP!

Lil O turned two and we got to hang with him over Labor Day at Ocean Beach 2010. It's an annual pilgramage. Love it. Its the big family reunion and its cool that everyone shows up.

He loves Elmo.

He loves how Elmo put out fires.

What better present for grandparents to get is a working fire engine.

Which required assembly. Thank goodness dad was on it. Patience was totally required which meant distractions were happening. And then it was together.

And the fire chief was all about the working hose. And pushing the engine. Because it was sort of hot, and cooling off was needed.

LilyBee designs, Sassafrass lass, cosmo cricket, bazzill, qk blossom.


  1. HEY!!!!! I love these colors and the photos rock of course ;) I have missed me and you together LOL

  2. such a happy and fun layout!! thanks for sharing.

  3. he's so cute :) i love the pics of him walking the fire truck away


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