Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is Good....

This is a photo of MOI. How cute was I.

 I mean really.
Anyway dad is behind me. With golf clubs.

 My dad would would practice his golf swing. Not at a driving range. Oh no.

It was a family event and we'd go to an open field. With our (my brother and I) baseball gloves and field the golf balls.

In essence, gophers.

My brother and I got a lot of exercise and occassionally we were allowed to hit the golf balls too - however, we had to chase our own. We thought it was fun. bwahahaha!

Cagey parents.

Shabby princess, doodlebug, pebbles chipboard, and unknown labels and ribbon.


  1. Love the green background paper-beautiful!

  2. Beautiful layout!! Love your color combo!

  3. I really like how you clustered your journaling in around the flowers.

  4. OMG chasing the golfballs hahahahahahaha

  5. Oh, yes! You were adorable, and so is your layout! Loved reading the story, and how perfect is the plaid paper for a golf page!!!

  6. green is my fave color~so this LO is rock'in~ well all of your lO's rock!!!

  7. Beautiful colors and design work on this gorgeous page Lynn ... you totally put me to shame with the amount of scrapping you're getting done lately, and I thought I was doing great with about 8 or 9 done in one month. :-)


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