Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay, so I know this isn't new BUT, I thought I'd share the process for this layout.

First My Mind's Eye. Double sided. Rocks.

I decided to do a 8.5x11 because I didn't have a lot that matched, so whacking it down helped have the "other" side.

Which had BIG FLOWERS on it.

I cutout the flowers and leaves.

*gasp* I know.

So I added the stickles, waited for it to dry which takes awhile in a humid atmosphere. And wa-la embellies. Of course I floundered around for a title.

NOW, as for the pose, I adore my SIL Ginny. She's sweet, brave and funny. And she smokes. Now I'm a former smoker and have a bandwagon and suffice it to say while its not good for you, its a personal choice and peeps need to mind their own lives and DEAL WITH IT. SHEESH.

THIS MOVIE STAR POSE IS SEXY. and the ATTITUDE is the cigarette. Lucky snap really.


  1. Beautiful layout! I just love making embellishments out of paper! :)

  2. I must say lynn~ I love to read your posts ~ you've got "IT"!! The Lo is great!!!! I'm going to try some 8 1/2 x11 LO's ~

  3. nice layout! I love it when I discover great ways to create new embies! Well done!

  4. well this is just fantastical!! YOu know how much I love LOVE LOVE AliE...this was very much like a "this is how you do it" step-by-step LynnTutorial...well I LOVE this :)
    The photo is very 50's moviestar glam! LOL
    and as a side note - I have that paper and I like what you've done with it - very inspirational!

  5. Great layout and love all the "fussy" cutting!

  6. I only scrap 8-1/2x11 now ... and of course I love using the double sided paper because once I cut it down I have matching paper for layering etc. Your pages always rock ... keep um coming, I totally love stealing my mojo from your pages.


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