Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sometimes you get those pictures that just aren't good. Since its all you got, really you can't pass them by - you just have to work with them.

So....there is a passing chance they look better in a smaller size. Or not.

So....I love using ALL sizes. This is a 12x6. Its the perfect size for those pesky NOT GOOD photos that need to be just a tad bit smaller but still the STAR of the page.

(digressing to a whine in the next paragraph* *) lmao...
So......This could be one of my favorite sizes. I stole the size thing from AllieE of course. I love having different sizes in one 12x12 3ring album. It looks cool. *I'm actually running out of the 12x6 page protectors. I gathered them ALL up wherever I found them. Maple Lane/Bazzill actually made albums a few years ago and the size never caught on *gasp* THEN. If any of you have this size, I'd LOVE to take them off your hands.*

Anyway, I wanted to find that perfect gift that would be beneficial for my eldest son, who spent Christmas in Iraq. I was so excited for him to get his kindle. I LOVE MINE. He also decorated the little tree I sent and thoughtfully sent pix of him and the tree. MY boys GET IT, only because they LOVE their pictures taken. Snort.

Not a lot of journaling going on, because its Christmas - why state the obvious. And he has his kindle which is obvious and the TITLE. wa-la!!!!

Stash of Cosmo Cricket *swoon* and QK cosmopolitan.


  1. Great job! And you can always take a 12 x 12 protector and put your layout in it all the way to the left. Then run it thru the sewing machine and cut off the excess protector, essentially making your own 12 x 6 page protector. Just a thought. :)

  2. what a nice size for a layout! great job!

  3. love the size and the kindle~don't have one but would like one!!!

  4. 12x6 layouts are so much fun!
    Love my Kindle, too!

  5. one of my absolute FAVORITE sizes...and this is friggin AWESOME!!!! I have very few of the 12x6 protectors left as well...sadness will reign when it is all done with :(

    back to my original thing...I *heart* the heck outta this!! :)

  6. Oh girlie ... this is another great page, love the pics, even if you think they aren't the best, they still tell the story, and ultimately that's what we are doing anyway. Great job.


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