Sunday, February 20, 2011

Night Lights

It was a total adventure when I stayed in McClain, VA with hubby. While he was working I got to explore DC by taking the train.

To and Fro. By myself.

Of course it was daylight then.

I hung in Federal Triangle.

However, DH is a patient and fun man. And totally indulges me. (I smell a LO on that)

So he took me into DC at night, either dumped me on the sidewalk and came back for me or stopped in front of said photo op and waited until I got the picture I wanted.

And I played.

It was fun. I love DC. The monuments, the history, the archetecture. It never fails to take my breath away - no matter how many times I go.

Creative cafe (can we say flash from the past). Paperbilities, QK Spicy Chicken and Ginger.


  1. So cute. Totally adorable how your hubs is understanding of needing the perfect shots.

  2. You go, girl, using those oldies but goodies CC stuff! Awesome pics and a fabulous 4-pic design--love the clock in the middle.

    And you should totally ring me next time in your in DC--I'm 40 minutes from there!

  3. oh i love DC, too. i think it's so cool you do these adventures!

  4. You're out of control. absolutely and positively. EXACTLY how I loooove you :)
    like the is that stuff "old"? I wouldn't know *snort*

  5. love it! I hung out in DC by myself when hubby was working for the Army and had a blast. it's so easy to get around isn't it?

    and i wish Creative Cafe was still around! i LOVED that stuff!

  6. I love the hubs ♥ -he's good-un! Love the shots! you're quite the photographer my friend!


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