Monday, December 13, 2010

Vive la Mexico!

We not only flirted with the border, we crossed it. Which was relatively easy. Which should've been a clue. The LONG car lines didn't make any bells go off either. lmao....So they were getting their Christmas on, with a band that singing Christmas carols.
And the center decorated and festive. It was sort of like being in America except the language was different. This close to the border, there were McD's, Domino's and BK. Sheesh.
And there were TONS of booths and shops. I was slightly annoyed because you couldn't walk by without being accosted. I was afraid to make eye contact or look at something. And it was hard to stop and take pictures as well. They were pushy. Sigh. Took the whole enjoyment away for me.
So we spent about 30 minutes actually strolling around, if that much. AND over an hour and a half, to get back to the America side.
The line was extremely long, and there are of coure, enterprising Mexicans that run the Mexi-cab that you can sit in for 1 1/2 hours instead of waiting in the line. Made some amigos chatting. However, I won't be doing that again. AND I didn't even get my passport stamped. How wrong is that.


  1. Such cool photos Lynn! Been a LONG time since I have been to Mexico!

  2. Wow! These photos are amazing and so colorful!

  3. where we live there is lots of violence in Mx. the drug lords are fighting ~ be safe. Where did you cross @ CA?

  4. Wow, you were brave with all of the stuff in the news about the danger. We have done that several times and always had fun but hesitate now days.

  5. Oh fun. I love Mexico and Latin America. Everything you mentioned is pretty typical and part of the culture. You gotta choose to roll with it. And McD's, BK and lots of U.S. brand stores are quite popular in those parts. Fun to see how they incorporate Christmas!

  6. LOL - Yeah Mexico is good if you are sitting on the tourist side of the beach - going out into the actual Mexico part is not so much fun. Especially when they see a blond white lady with an expensive camera. And border crossing - don't get me started. LOL Enjoy your trip! REally enjoying the pictures!

  7. Yup ... always fun to cross the border, but coming home is more difficult. I have a cousin who went in to Tijuana years ago with his Father in Law, they were followed after opening their wallets to pay for something at a small shop, dragged in to an alley, and beat senseless, then they were robbed of just about everything including the shoes on their feet. Sad part was ... esplaining to the authorities what happened didn't seem to matter, and crossing back to the US side was even more difficult, needless to say they never went back. UGH
    Glad you got some pics and back home safely.


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