Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Town-San Diego

Native Americans were there before anyone, and in 1769 it became part of the California missions. Then a military garrison settled in. In 1846 the American period began and the war with Mexico began. And of course the gold rush in 1848.

I love Old Town, and I got there early enough where people mostly stayed out of my way so I could get some photos. This beautiful church is on the corner, and is beautiful and serene on the inside. The doors are open to welcome everyone anytime.This is the Whaley House. I went there because I saw it on Haunted History on the Travel Channel. They of course encourage that, AND photos. Bwahahaa! I didn't capture any ghost. Darn.
This is La Casa de Estudillo, now a museum and omg! the inside (which I'll post sometime later) was an awesome peek into back in the day.
Some of the structures are museums run by the state and some are restaurants and stores/shops. The shop owners dress in period costumes which is very cool and they are happy to talk about the history.
This is the McCoy house on the edge of the property that was restored. It was built for the sheriff and his family.
I forgot that it was supposed to be B&W day. Oh gee I'll have to back and do it again. Which I was gonna do yesterday, however, after crawling all over the USS Miday, I was beat. Today is another day. Love it.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Great pics!

  2. i LOVE old town!!!! we had so much fun there...San Diego is so bf's sister lives there now so i am lucky and have gone twice.

    gorgeous photos!!!!!!

  3. sounds like a great trip and LOVE the photos! I love San Diego and miss it terribly!

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos! It looks beautiful there. I love looking at historic buildings.

  5. Oh how I miss San Diego-lovely pictures!

  6. I wish San Diego wasn't quite as far from me as it is, I love to visit there.

  7. Awesome photos and bits of history ... thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us Lynn, it's a wonderful way to relive memories of so long ago from my childhood. I haven't been there is so many years it's almost scary, heck I may be part of the history there.


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