Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long Long time ago.............

I took this photo and couldn't help playing. As the dolphin play. Of course there was "dolphin alley" where they would come to play in your wake, but it seems wherever we sailed in our boat. They came to play. It never failed to take my breath away. I never failed to take photos. I never failed to appreciate their beauty and to remember that they were wild.

I have the coolest photos. Sadly we had to sell our boat, but I have tons of awesome memories, not to mention photos, and this one was so much fun I had to share. Photo taken 7.28.2007


  1. Wow! Awesome picture!!!! I would so love to see something like that! The only dolphin, whale or anything like that that I have seen has been at Sea World.

  2. amazing!! I love cool pic'slike that. living on a ranch I have had those opportunities come my way!!!

  3. Beautiful pic Lynn ... so sorry to hear you sold your boat. I know how much you enjoyed being out on it.


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