Friday, December 10, 2010

Door #1 or door #2

In Portsmouth, NH. Twas a blast. The town has the coolest stuff. Its old, it has character, its rustic. I really need to work more on my "eye". Well I have two. snort. And both like to zoom in on stuff, but there are times when my eyeballs need to step back and look at the "big" picture. And then there are times, when zooming in is the "big" picture. Cropping is my friend. AND so is the saturation button, the exposure button, the definition button. I LOVE BUTTONS.
SO I played around. I love how this came out. I really wish I could take pictures and just have them pop out this way. I'm figuring it out. I was always a slow, wait and learn on down the road type of person. Well I'm headed down the road. And oh look, there's a door.


  1. I love how your pic came out! I love to play around with the buttons too~I think you've got it!!

  2. Really cool photo effects, Lynn! I love doors!

  3. Great pictures! What a cool door! :)

  4. Don't even tell me you were in Portsmouth NH and you didn't tell me. OMG Lynn ... I could have been there to say hello in a flash. Love the picture though girl ... you are so good with a camera.

  5. definitely pic #2! what a cool looking door! You sound like me on the learning thing but I think you are definitely already better than you think you are!



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