Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm in LOOOOVVVVEEE!!! with Kelly Moore Bags....

OMG! (I know you're swooning here). Have you seen the KELLY MOORE BAGS?? This is a purse camera bag AND stylish. Be still my beating heart.

As you know I've picked up with traveling with hubs and I'm trying to COMBINE stuff. Its not easy. Of course I take a carryon, a back pack in which I carry my laptop, camera, and somewhere a purse gets stuffed in there. With the TSA rules you can only have TWO personal items which comes down to backpack and carryon.

WELL, I'm soooooo leaning toward the Orange Sherbert Posey Bag as it functions as a purse AND a bag. I so need more protection for my camera that the goofy camera bag I have which really doesn't hold much AND not alot of protection. With the Posey bag I can eliminate the goofy camera bag I have AND my purse. AND it'll fit in my backpack protecting my baby. I actually measured. Gasp!!! Its perfect. Go here to Kelly Moore Bags. She actually does a tutorial on ALL of them which is very cool.


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