Thursday, December 16, 2010

USS Midway

was a lot of fun to crawl all over. The people are friendly and they love to tell you about their ship. The Midway was commissioned in 1945 and I was chuckling about the technology which was top of the line. And the phones. OMG! They have an audio tour which I used. They told you about the area, and you could switch around, AND it had actual pilots, shipman conversations and observations which were very cool to hear.All paths lead back to the hangar deck which had a LOT of fun stuff. The kidlets and some adults could climb in the pilots seat, play with some hands on flying AND a simulator for all the daredevils. I would lose my lunch. lol!
These are the bunks for the enlisted guys and let me tell you modesty just flies out the window, not to mention if you hate closed in spaces this is NOT for you. Honestly I don't know how they did it.
I climbed 4 flights of these puppies to get to the bridge. Chains instead of railing AND they were STEEP. I even went down them backwards. If you KNOW ME, you'd know that that was a MAJOR FEAT for me.
Here's the scene of the flight deck from where the AIR BOSS sat. They didn't mess around getting planes off the deck either. Up on the bridge the Captain had two seats just for him. He also had a bunk/room up there which is where he spent the majority of his time when they were underway.
This is a shot from the bow of the flight deck looking back. They had assorted planes on the deck and it was amazing the room still there. And the audio explained everything about them. And you could hear the pilots. Very cool.
I didn't go down to the brig or the sick bay because the ladder/steps down intimidated me. They were STEEP and SMALL. It's an amazing city at sea.


  1. Lynn you got some amazing shots!!!backwards ~ would have loved to see that~I couldn't do it LOL!!

  2. Looks like an amazing adventure! Really cool photos--will be fun to scrap!

  3. Very cool ... my dad was on a ship like that during his Navy stint (20 years) so it's fun to see what the living quarters would have looked like. He was 6'4", certainly not a tiny guy, it must have made manuvering around the ship difficult. Thanks for sharing your pics.


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