Thursday, December 30, 2010

Didn't find any ghostly presences at the Whaley House

rather unpretentiously located up the street from Old Town. I had a goal of touring this house because I saw it on Haunted History which can be on the Travel Channel OR History Interational Channel, two of my favorite channels.They play up the ghost thing and encourage alot of photography just in case. I tried to be careful taking the photos - especially flash because well I figured it didn't hurt to hunt since I was there after all.
Thomas Whaley was quite the businessman and first designed the house to be a general store. The courthouse (above) came about when the granery they installed didn't keep the mice away. San Diego needed a courthouse so he rented the granery room to the County (which was located in the house behind the store). If you look to the UPPER LEFT of the courtroom, there is a light. Sadly its the sun coming in from the window. Although..........eyeing specutively. Sigh.
Loved the way the dry goods store was laid out. Nothing ghostly there. I really loved the fabric. Wouldn't mind that on a scrapbook page or three.Thomas Whaley also established the first commercial theatre on the second floor of his home. I really can't imagine just shuffling people/strangers to the second floor of MY home (which I don't have a second floor anyway). However, Old Town was a small area so maybe everyone KNEW everyone. Nothing ghostly in the theatre.
ooooooooo But check out the shadow near the headboard. That would be MY SHADOW reflecting off the glass while photographing the room. However, does it not look like a bustle? Seriously. Its my wonderful NEW Kelly Moore camera bag. Its the pretty creamsycle looking one that is perfect for traveling. I digress...
This is the little girls room and the only light happening there is the sun and the lamp. They really need to pay these ghosts more.
Although look look in the hallway there. *Start the eerie music*. I could be onto something here. Well except for that pesky sunlight. Sigh.
Thomas was supposed to be hanging in this room, his den which is off the spare room and living room on the first floor. He was unavailable for comment.
The living room was set up with toys that were possible Christmas presents. Sadly there weren't being played with, although I was assured they did move out of place every now and then.
I also took photos from the outside to the rear and took photos of the windows to no avail. However, it was fun and you never know what could appear. Several stories have been written about the ghosts in the house, You'd think a couple or three could lurk for me.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my your photos.

  2. Ahhh, what great photos you have here, even if they don't "reflect" any ghostly encounters.

    I also want to thank you for your wonderful comment you left on my blog! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. OK, this is what I love, touring haunted places! Great location, great pics, and I LOVE the one with your shadow! It does look creepy!

  4. What a cool trip, Lynn! Too bad you didn't get to see any ghosts. Maybe you can photoshop some into your pics!

  5. For a second there your reflection got me.
    Beautiful photography. I love going into old homes, how cool.

  6. Very cool pictures and story, I love the thought of spirits hanging out waiting to be caught on camera. Sorry you weren't able to make new friends there .... maybe next time. LOL

  7. AWESOME YOU. I wanna hang with you...and your camera. well, mostly YOU, but the camera is cool HAHAHA


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