Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lynn's BIG DC Adventure....

Started out by missing the timeframe for the shuttle that takes you to the metro. The ONE minute I step away from stalking the van man, and there ya have it. He was not amused. Sigh. Relucantly he took me, however, a modest tip and a billion sorry's and thank you's seemed to win the day.I stayed in the "Federal Triangle" mostly because of the weather. (That's where all the museum's are). There was no way in guesssing which way the weather would go. It stayed cloudy, a bit cold and just on the maybe it might rain side). On the plus side, there were very FEW people at the museums and exhibits. WOO HOO!!!
The Washington Monument can be seen EVERYWHERE in DC. I'm not kidding.
These arches were on the way to the metro. Everything is just beautiful and detailed. NO PICTURES were allowed in the National Archives or Art Gallery. It was soooooo cool to see the original documents that were touched by all the brave people that founded our country. Sadly, there were NO archival inks or papers back in the day *what were THEY thinking*. lol!!! Scrapbookers arise.
So above is a picture of the outside. I took it from across the street so I could run if I had to. bwahahaha! The ART was incredible. ALL originals and you could walk right up and study them as they were NOT behind glass. They had charcol and photo art that was absolutely incredible.
And this DUDE, decided every pigeon in the 'hood needed to be fed when I walked by. Fortunately the pigeons didn't care about me. PLUS SIDE. lol!!!!

I even hopped on the metro to return, the traffic there is horrendous. Really.

As fun as this was. I'm ready to go home.


  1. Isn't it just beautiful in DC? I love the monuments.

  2. You were in DC and you didn't tell me?!!!! I could've met you!


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