Friday, December 17, 2010

Balboa Park

involved a lot of walking AND picture taking. It was black and white day. Sort of. It was tough to stick to when the sun came out. So being the decisive person I am; I switched back and forth. bwahaha.Actually what happened I went into the Photography museum and it appeared to me that ALL the cool artists AND their works were b&w. So wanting to jump on that bandwagon.........
I switched. This carrillion tower was so cool and the sound beautiful. I really wished it played more.
I wish I had taken a color photo so I could make the fireplug BRIGHT yellow. It would look cool. Photoshop to the rescue.
I just love the drama of this one. I just wish the cars would not be there. It was dicey getting across the street with a camera on your face lol!!
There was a photo shoot going on of beautiful women (and can you imagine how gorgeous in real life?) on stilts with leaves. I didn't get any good shots of that because I was at a screwy angle. However, the FACE. omg! Stunning.
Did I mention I walked ALOT. I ended up on El Prado??? which was MILES from where I needed to catch the bus. So I missed the bus and ended up walking to City College stop and hopped the train with 3m San Diego Charger fans. Kickoff at 5:30. And barely made it off at my stop, The Fashion Valley Mall. Go me.


  1. very cool~I went to Balboa park ummm... abouut 18 yrs ago ~thanks for the pic's brought back memories of that time~in a way still looks the same. cm

  2. Fabulous photos--the last one is AMAZING!

  3. OMG Lynn ... those are amazing pictures, you should start charging people to take their pics. GORGEOUS GIRL ...

  4. I feel like I'm on vacay with you with all the fabulous photos! stunning!

  5. Wow! What great shots you got!!! I can only imagine how fabulous it must have been in person to see. TFS!!!!

  6. you always have the best photos!!! awesome

  7. We went there as a family last Christmas time and I got the coolest photos of some of the things you did. FUN!

  8. i am a huge fan of this picture!


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