Friday, December 23, 2016

Organization might be key

I'm usually throw it all in a box or bin type of gal
and let it go at that.
It was making me crazy - as bad as when my scrap bin gets out of control
 so imagine that with tons of die cuts and punched out items in it.
(I didn't think to take a die cut bit photo so to help your imagination
I have a photo of my scrap bin.
It was driving me crazy digging around for stuff I KNOW
is in there somewhere for my page which
took longer than actually grabbing the punch or die cut
and just making the embelli I want which
sort of defeated the idea of the die cut bin. LOL.
When I lack mojo and have lots o'scraps I'll get out
punches and diecuts and just go to town.
Also my pal Holli helps out with punches and dies that I
don't have in setting me up with stuff.
Sooooooo double the fun!

Anyway I had these deviled egg trays laying around doing nothing
and that black tray was full of stuff that would never
be used so I chucked out the stuff that was in the black tray,  cleaned up
the egg trays and very meticulously 
separated all the embellishments so I can find them.

What a concept eh.
We shall see how this works and how long it lasts.
My area is located by the sliding glass door to the lanai and
it gets mighty windy some days.
I'm hoping to use them all before the wind blows. 

It also doesn't take into account the itty bitty stuff.

That has its own dedicated bowls.
I seriously need a bigger area.
Or less stuff.


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