Monday, August 31, 2015

Maine lighthouses captured my fancy

Spring Hill Lighthouse
out on the end of a jetty was too adorable
for words. 
Also there were a ton of boats that made it perfect.
 And bunkers were everywhere.
 Cape Elizabeth was beautiful and had so many
paths upon which to get different angles.
I got them all.
 This stone captured my attention.

 See that tiny dot over to the right??
A Brown lighthouse that was out there
and driving me crazy trying to get it.
 Ta-da! Finally was able to find a place on the
path close enough that my telephoto would reach.
I'm assuming that this was the original lighthouse.

And more bunkers.
 This is Two Lighthouses - one of which is one.
It was hard to get the second one in because with was set back further.
And because this was on private land - it was a close as
one could get.
 It has a beautiful cove in which, if you're brave, and
love 72 degree water- you can sunbath.
I like my water about 88.
Also at Two Lights was a Lobster shack in which
we partook in devouring a lobster roll with fixins'. 
And it was delish - scenery included.
Fun day with fun friends.
Gail and her brother Joe - showing us the sights.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Hanging with the grandkids

It was so much fun to hang with Amelia
and then her brothers showed up.
We were camped at Salisbury State Park.
We had a great time.
Tom made some most excellent bison chilli.
And then the exuberance.......

 Going for that selfie button.

Never a dull moment.
They are so much fun.
And you never know what's going to happen.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hanging with the grands

First round of grands and we had fun at the playground.
 I was soooo trying not to get in their
face with the camera but
come on there had to be a few pix.
So they went to the playground
to run off some steam.
And me and my camera followed.

 We went back to the camp and had some amazing
hot dogs, potato salad and beans.
And of course smores.
Here's Connor setting his marshmellows on fire.
Love them burnt.
After we hiked to the falls.
Of course we waited until the sun went down and
Connor wanted a photo of himself drinking the falls.
More or less.
It was really really dark.
It was fun.
Need to do more of these type of shots.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scrapping on the road - Round 6

On our way through Winner South Dakota
my awesome DH noticed a 
Hobby Shoppe that said SCRAPBOOKING
and asked if I wanted to stop.
Well DOH!
I wasn't expecting much when I walked through the door
because of the word "hobby"
and Oh EM GEE.
I was completely blown away.
AND it had all the latest stuff
way better than Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
I could've spent the day.
So I picked up a bunch of stuff to help with
the fact that I didn't pack right.
I also found those LONG scissors in the hopes that I
could cut straight. 
Wishful thinking....
I also made a Michael's run prior to pick up
8.5x11 cardstock, a tape runner (I broke mine)
pop dots and some punches.
 I also purchased some new 8.5x11 pocket page protectors
to throw in the mix.
Love these!
 Used some of my new goodies.

I have some pix from today to photoshop
and my scrappy-ness is all caught up.
I know.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nebraska rolling hills and wild sunflowers

Couldn't resist this structure.
 These sunflowers are EVERYWHERE.
In fields, by the side of the road.
 Even near fences.
 And rivers...of course they're facing the sun - not me.
Bales of hay and rolling hills.
This was the curvy, bumpy, dirt road on our way
to an out of the way campsite.
 In a state wildlife refuge and this was our view
from Alkalai Fish camp.
 We kept our windows open all night.
And it was pretty in  the morning as well.

 Love these out of the way places.
It was as serene and idyllic as it looks.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The ride through Telluride

I have a fascination with mountains.
I know your surprised.
 They're beautiful and everychanging.
At the bottom - a beautiful lake scene.
 Through the quaint town of which I took lousy pix
you can see the waterfall from afar off.
As you get closer - there are 2 coming off the mountain
and would you look at the house.
Second falls.
And they were mining right below those falls.
 And as we traveled up the mountain - abandoned
mines - swooning here.
 This abandoned mining home was irresistable and
look at the windows. 
How cool, creative an fun are there.
 We got up high.
Really, really HIGH.
Of course it involved white knuckles grasping the dashboard
to help avoid those death defying road dropoffs
that seriously was around every flippin' turn. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mexican Hat Colorado

Happened to be on our way east
to the Four Corners.
This mountain was stunning.
I wish I could've gotten it better.
 In tribute to "the mexican hat" people built little
ones on their way up the hill.
 Lots of them - so much fun.
 And to-da!
Mexican hat and therefore the name of the town.
 Wild horses crossing the road.

They made its safely and so pretty.
And four corners - where four states actually intersect
in one spot.
New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.
 And there's my main man standing on all four states at once.
Four Corners is on the Navaho Reservation
and of course there were some interesting stalls
with beautiful Indian trinkets.
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