Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vermillion Cliffs-Arizona

US Hwy 89A was a very exciting adventure yesterday.
We were headed down to get to our campground
right across from Monument Valley before dark 
and admired how pretty those red cliffs are.
And then a storm blew in.
And it got darker and of course the rain came.
Well it appears in the valley here with the red
clay - water and/or rain is not its friend.
As we were heading on our merry way - all of a sudden
the cars coming the other way were flashing their
headlights and waving.
We looked around and found nope - no sneaky cops
lurking in the bush waiting to nab you for speeding as
the sheriff already passed us.
Tom checked the lights and yup - they were on.
It appears that in Arizona - flashing lights means
flashing flooding and not only that
big boulders fell in the middle of the road and
workers are still trying to remove it the next day.
See that big mud pile - couldn't get a photo of the boulders though.
Because we had to return the same way we came
and go 100 miles out of our way to get where we wanted to go.
And in a couple cases we had to plow throw about
an inch of the muddy red clay.
Oh look the storm over the cliffs left.

Rainbow over Lake Palmer.
And if you could see how I got this shot you'd be
impressed. Sortof.
It was a driveby and I had to shoot from the passenger
seat across the driver - and out the driver's window
that has a bit of a concave to it.
Trick shot.

We made it to the campground way after dark
but did stop for a beautiful sunset.


  1. That must have been a scary trip! Your photos are just gorgeous! Makes me want to take a road trip! BL

  2. What an adventure! Who knew. Your photos are fab. Loving the rainbow. :)

  3. Wow, Gorgeous pictures! Bloggie Love

  4. Wow, Gorgeous pictures! Bloggie Love


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