Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scrapping on the road - round 4

Finally had some downtime where we stopped early
and could set up the table.
I had to delete the selphy printer and reinstall
everything and followed the directions for printing.
And wa-la.
I did buy a kit from Yellowstone and they are
very up-to-date and hip.
And worked well on the road.
(Since I packed everything all wrong).
Learning curve.
 Hitting the highlights - this became a 3 page spread.
 So many cool things in Yellowstone.
 Not necessarily in order and I don't know if that's even
feasible - and I've tried 3 times to turn
this and I have no idea why its being so stubborn. LOL.
So just turn your PC sidewise and its all good.
Or drink coupious amounts of wine.
 I'm thinking I almost have my thumb on this PL stuff.
 However there are times when one needs to be a tad bit
more windier than normal. Of course I have 
10398103971093841389 pictures of the North Rim of the
Grand Canyon - however this photo has a story.
One of which you shall read about in more detail
in a post I have scheduled.
I finally had everything photoshopped, scrapped
and a story uploaded and scheduled 
to be posted. 
I'd like to say I seriously impress myself but hey,
I just got lucky.
Wifi and full hookups.
It's enough to make a blogger swoon.

I'm finding the PL is making me think, plan and journal more.
It's a good on the road for scrapbooking.
I probably still have more to include and chrono will not be working here.
However, the important thing is that stories will be told.


  1. How cool that you were able to get scrapbooking items at Yellowstone! Love what you're doing with these pages. :)

  2. Love all your wonderful layouts! Nice that you were able to do them along your trip! BL

  3. Lovely work - well done! Bloggie Love

  4. Lovely work - well done! Bloggie Love

  5. Great pages......,love the fact that you can scrapbook as it happens. Bl


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