Monday, August 10, 2015

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

Meet Kateri, a golden eagle that's part of the raptor
experience at the Cody Museum in Wyoming.
Put this museum on your bucket list.
It is absolutely amazing - acres and acres of western
memorabilia and guns - every manufacturer, make and model
and a lot of Buffalo Bill's personal effects.
 Then we were on our way back to Idaho to
get our steps fixed - A shout out to Eagle Rock RV who
took excellent care of us - going the extra mile for customer
satisfaction - You ever need help with your RV - take it there.
 Love old buildings.
 And abandoned mines.
 The story.
 A stained glass window of a house as we
blew through Red Lodge Montana.
 Every turn is stunning.
 How cool is this.
 And mountains look like they were painted in.
We ended up at Moose Creek RV camp - a dry camp
along a rushing river - its one were you
are rolling down the road and there it is - and
you pull in - with senior discount it was $7.00 to camp.
If not $14.00 per day.
Seriously folks - and the atmosphere, scene is beautiful.
It was cold and a storm blew in - and we happened to befriend
a female camper who was camping in a tent.
Very interesting lady, we chatted and had dinner together while waiting
for the storm to blow over.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit!
    Lisa - BL

  2. More amazing photos! You are creating such amazing memories during this trip. Oh, and my stitching...I draw a light line in pencil first and then follow it to make sure I get it straight. :)

  3. Amazing photos. What an adventure you are on. Enjoy it.

  4. I love seeing different parts or our country! Thanks for sharing your trip! BL

  5. Your trip is sounding fabulous! Bloggie Love

  6. Your trip is sounding fabulous! Bloggie Love


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