Thursday, August 6, 2015

Leaving Yellowstone - Bison jam

It appears it matters not what time you
go through Hayden Valley 
there's a bison jam.
 And in looking at this face you just know
they are messing with the humans.
 We finally blasted through and the
Roosevelt Lodge was having a stage coach rides.
I used the brownify again (Thomas Fitzgerald) to make it 
old timey. Which is so cool.
And here's the chuck wagon heading out - as we
saw horseback riders coming down the trail to meet up with 
the stage coaches....
 And we went over Dead Indian pass.
I hate windy, no barricade (this one added barricades) switchback
climbing high to the mountain roads. I really do.
The view is beautiful and they have a memorial to the Nez Perce Indians
that fled over the pass in 1877 and those that lost their lives
in a battle with the U.S. Army.
 This is coming down on the other side.
 The colors are so pretty.
 I'm not crazy about the road going down either.
But I sucked it up. LOL.


  1. fabulous photos.. welcome to BL...

  2. What fun photos of your trip through Yellowstone! It is so family and I went years ago when I was a child and I'd say it's my most remembered trip! The Tetons are amazing too. Love your scrapping on the go!! That's the way to not forget anything in your journaling :) BL


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