Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Buffalo, bears and elk oh my .... in Yellowstone

This is part of a bubbling pool (which I'm sure has a name)
but it seems my note taking is totally lacking.
This beautiful pool was by the side of the road and we
stopped to wander through the boardwalk.
It was on our way to Mammoth Hot Springs.
 And there are elk in the middle of Mammoth hot springs.
 Like right in the center of town.
 Acting like its all theirs.
 We were making our way back after a delicious
moose track ice cream
- mint and huge chocolate chips in Gardiner
and once again - the bison jam happened right on time.
 Its rutting season and they were bellowing and snorting.
Really rather noisy.
 As we happened down the road - as usual there was the usual
crowd staring out into the tree line and curiosity
got the best of us and we stopped.
So glad we did - that's a grizzly bear and the first one
we have ever seen in the wild.
People were nuts - getting out of the car and sending their kids down
to the stream to see the bear up close and personal.
Just because we're in a park does NOT make them pets.
And Yellowstone Falls at artists' point.
The point where all of whom are of an artistic bent
go to paint, photograph and admire the falls.

Had a bit o'trouble with the lighting as the sun was off to 
the right of the falls.
Got a flair smidge and sky-blowout.

I changed it up and used a "brownify" enhancement in
Aperature that I downloaded from
Thomas Fitzgerald's blog - designer of said enhancement.
Love the old timey look.


  1. Wow! More amazing and breathtaking photos, Lynn! The bear story had me shaking my head at how stupid some people can be. Believe it or not, my youngest sister is at Yellowstone right now too. If you see a silver Airstream about (with South Dakota plates), that would be her. :)

  2. OMG .. looks amazing from here.. BL


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