Monday, August 31, 2015

Maine lighthouses captured my fancy

Spring Hill Lighthouse
out on the end of a jetty was too adorable
for words. 
Also there were a ton of boats that made it perfect.
 And bunkers were everywhere.
 Cape Elizabeth was beautiful and had so many
paths upon which to get different angles.
I got them all.
 This stone captured my attention.

 See that tiny dot over to the right??
A Brown lighthouse that was out there
and driving me crazy trying to get it.
 Ta-da! Finally was able to find a place on the
path close enough that my telephoto would reach.
I'm assuming that this was the original lighthouse.

And more bunkers.
 This is Two Lighthouses - one of which is one.
It was hard to get the second one in because with was set back further.
And because this was on private land - it was a close as
one could get.
 It has a beautiful cove in which, if you're brave, and
love 72 degree water- you can sunbath.
I like my water about 88.
Also at Two Lights was a Lobster shack in which
we partook in devouring a lobster roll with fixins'. 
And it was delish - scenery included.
Fun day with fun friends.
Gail and her brother Joe - showing us the sights.


  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like some place I would enjoy visiting. BL

  2. These are amazing photos!! I love traveling with you:)

  3. Gorgeous photos, as always! Maine is one of my favorite places in the world.

  4. Love Maine...I live in NH and love going there especially to York Maine...great Photos! BL

  5. Such awesome photos! We have been to some lighthouses too. There was one in Virginia that had the original one and then the currently working one. We had been talking to the keeper and he took us over and showed us the original one also. They were fabulous. BL

  6. Maine, my heart and my soul belongs there, you gave it a lift today with your post.

  7. fabulous photos.. beautiful place.. BL


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