Friday, August 7, 2015

Remember that mixed media journal

It all started here.
I started out using a UNI jetstream pen
black and blue.
And they totally gave me a headache when I 
tried to read those entries back
in the first few days.
So I purchased some Uniball vision and 
they work really lovely over the mists.
Talking with my pal Holli who happened to be recovering
from surgery and those pain killers kicked in
actually asked if I had a white pen - when I whined about the
dark mists and GASP. 
White pen.
And then - while chatting a sharpie was mentioned.
GASP again.
I had a sharpie.
And then I stopped the silly straight entries at the end of the day
because at the end of the day I didn't remember the day.
Therefore I kept the album open and as things happened made a note.
While my note taking still lacks - its getting better
because its as it happens.
And as it happens may be over bumpy roads
which results in sucky penmanship
and honestly while I don't have Heidi Swapp script
I have always taken pride in my penmanship
so when the bumps hit and the writing is less than stellar
drives me nuts.
I'm working on it.
As my pal April says its "evolving" which is so true.
I'm not only getting on with the note taking, the penmanship
but I'm adding some ephemera as well.
By the end of the trip I'm thinking we will all be surprised.


  1. I'm loving your journal entries. I think is a great idea just making notes. Sometimes is too much to remember. You can do what I did, talked into my phone during the day then at night I would replay it and write it down. Love love your trip. Enjoy and drive safe.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! Your journaling is great and I love the art in it! BL

  3. I love this...doing this too and so rewarding. This is rockin

  4. Love the journal - fun way to capture memories. Bloggie Love


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