Thursday, August 20, 2015

The ride through Telluride

I have a fascination with mountains.
I know your surprised.
 They're beautiful and everychanging.
At the bottom - a beautiful lake scene.
 Through the quaint town of which I took lousy pix
you can see the waterfall from afar off.
As you get closer - there are 2 coming off the mountain
and would you look at the house.
Second falls.
And they were mining right below those falls.
 And as we traveled up the mountain - abandoned
mines - swooning here.
 This abandoned mining home was irresistable and
look at the windows. 
How cool, creative an fun are there.
 We got up high.
Really, really HIGH.
Of course it involved white knuckles grasping the dashboard
to help avoid those death defying road dropoffs
that seriously was around every flippin' turn. 


  1. There's so much beauty in the world, isn't there? How exciting that you get to experience all of this first hand, Lynn!


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