Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Grand Canyon - North Rim

Was a wild ride, of twisty, turny roads with death defying dropoffs
and no guard rails.  :|
Not my favorite kind of road.
You may also know that I HATE HEIGHTS.
Which made the Grand Canyon somewhat of a challenge.
See that path?
It takes you dangerously close the edge.
And people walked nonchalantly down there to hang over a railing and look down.
I didn't do that.
I stayed safely back.

See that railing and plateau - I.WALKED.OUT.THERE.
See those rocks???
I clung to one like moss on a tree and thus defied death -
then being really brave I actually stood up to get the next couple of shots.
Beautiful and amazing - you can see a bit of the Colorado river
up in the right hand corner.
And then the walk back in was as terrifying as the walk out.
But I really wanted off more than on. LOL.
Another shot on the walk off.
The tree was a reward as I
hugged the inside track off the ledge - but I.DID.IT. 
And I'm not going to be doing that again.

And then a storm blew in.
This day was quite an adventure.


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