Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lobster, Steamers and Fire

I thought I'd wax poetic with this post.
Be kind.
Oh - and National State parks and forests are da bomb.
They're beautiful, pristine and relatively inexpensive - and you
can do daytime stuff (like picnic, etc) too.
You don't have to camp.

There was beauty in the flames and embers. There was a mystic as they changed colors and danced about. Before the embers, the flames danced, spit and crackled as the wind whispered through the pine trees and one felt that all was right with the world.

What is so mesmerizing about flames? 

That is best answered individually. One can stare into their depths as if the answers of the universe were there. Spending hours upon hours, or until the flames die down, contemplating said wonders. Feeling their warmth as the dampness sets in. 

Which is what we did tonight. 

Sitting there watching and waiting as the flames died down because then the embers came into a voice of their own. Smoldering and dancing in the wood, captivating you once again on there was an orange glow. Calming and steady, unlike the flames dancing and enticing. Both captivating in their own dance.

We started the dance early and it melted into the night. In between we feasted on steamers and lobster. One steamed in the beauty of the hot flames and one cold, cracked and dipped in butter. A gastronomical delight. Filling the stomach and senses as the flames danced and popped.

Eventually when the fire stopped being fed, the embers breathed their last and faded into the night. 

We were full. 

Satisfied in body and mind as we retired into our haven on wheels. 


  1. what a beautifully written post! and those lobsters - YUMMY! BL

  2. Aw Lynn, your post just tugged on my heart strings and pulled me back home to the East Coast for a few moments. My favorite place in the world is Maine and my memories were stirred by your pictures and words tonight. Thank you my friend.

  3. fabulous photos and great journaling .. BL

  4. Looks like another beautiful place to visit.


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