Monday, November 3, 2014

Stencil and watercolors

I really love how it turned out.
It was scary throwing it on there - I mean 
some peeps can smoosh watercolors around and make it look awesome.
I can smoosh watercolors around and its like
so you just threw some paint on.
I actually started out wanting to use my gelatoes
and somehow they just fell by the wayside. 

Aren't these doily hearts girly??
My pal Holli gave them to me and they're gonna be so perfect.
 I managed to cover up the majority of the stencil and watercolors.
Shocking I know.
 Dug out my new Kaiser Craft googies and started layering.
 And more layering....
Not quite what I envisioned but better.
Odd how this works out sometime.
Very girly and feminine.
Like a tiny dancer.
And its a 2 photo page. 
Don't do too many multiphoto pages.
And I need to.

Studio Calico, Kaiser Craft. 


  1. yes, this is gorgeous!! So perfect for those sweet photos. Love the heart doilies!!!

  2. So beautiful, Lynn! Every little touch is perfect and girly and just right for a dancer page. :)


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