Sunday, November 30, 2014

Carried away with stickers

Bella Blvd. stickers do rock.
And I used them all.
 Well most of them anyway..
 As  you may or may not know from a previous post I
was whining about my lack of mojo
in addition to my thoughts and fears on hosting
the Murphy Traditional Thanksgiving.
So I borrowed one of Shimelle's favorite designs and went from there.
In addition, I didn't lay anything out - I just went for it.
I love how it turned out - simple and sweet.
It was alot of fun cooking and planning and it had a bit of stress going on.
okay alot of stress going on.
But it was fun to do - 20 people showed up
and out of them 6 kidlets who
ended up at their own table that worked out perfectly.
Since I was running about like a maniac all day - this is the only photo I got.
And it has to do. 
Imperfect photo - scrap that baby anyway and tell your story.

My man carving up that 25lb turkey.
And of course we dined on all the prerequisite sides and desserts.
The weather was lovely and all 20 were seated on the lanai family style.
(outside people - and yes I'm bragging about it)
And that is what the Murphy Tradition is about.
You have to come to Thanksgiving dinner - no excuses ever
and if you have friends or acquaintances that
have nowhere to go - you bring them.
Or else.
It's how they rolled for generations.
And this year me and Tom (not the turkey) were extremely
pleased to open our home.


  1. This is gorgeous my friend ! Happy Thanksgiving :) sorry for being tardy :)

  2. so for having what you are calling an imperfect photo, you have done a top notch layout! I love being able to eat outside on winter holidays, it's only one small reason why I love living here in Florida.

    1. Being outside in Florida over the winter holidays is the greatest Paula. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) I hope you keep in touch.

  3. Fabulous job with the Bella Blvd., Lynn! Those stickers are perfect for your photo. Love how this turned out! :)


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