Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another homemade tag lands on a page

And isn't that special.
I love that the tags I premade are finding homes.
There are only 2 remaining.

I only had enough of the wood paper to make a 6x12 page.
Its been a long time since I made one.
Which is surprising since its one of my favorite sizes and
I have a ton of 6x12 page protectors to prove it.
The frames are the 'b' side and of course the branding strip.
I painted the frames with watercolors, blue and yellow, and I
didn't like the way it turned out nor did it fit
with the image in my head.
Not that those things ever mattered before.....
 Therefore the frame paper did not make it on the finished product.
I did however, drag out some stamps; the rolling triangle
stamp was done in black and white and
I broke out some old Creative cafe stamps and had a great time 
with them. I neeeeeed to use them more.
I love the tag that said "I have issues" and it felt like it
needed to be on a page about me just to be politically correct.
I kept embellies to a minimum and love the
lacy doily against the wood.
And the hunt was on for a photo and I didn't want it to be overwhelming.
Found the perfect one to go with "my issues" and printed
in a 2x3 size that fit nicely.
And its a crossfit photo.

As you know, I love crossfit, I adore crossfit and I crossfit Monday-Friday.
I'm getting faster, stronger, better each time.
So yeah I drank the crossfit kool-aid.
And I'll do it again.

I added journaling later under the tag
and I feel it helps balance out the page, not to
mention there wasn't a bunch of stamping
under there so it can be read.

So Studio Calico, one of Holli's doilies, and
from the Paper Issues Swag Bag - the tag!


  1. Such a cool page size and great design, Lynn! Love how you prettied up the PI business card. I used one on the layout I posted today too. :)

  2. I can only imagine how great this page is~love, love it!!!


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