Saturday, November 29, 2014

Posers at the South Venice Jetty

It was a beautiful day to visit the jetty.
The sun was out.
The breeze was calm.
The critters were about.
As well as the boat cops - which were also fun to watch.
Ice cream would've made it perfect.

This guy laid right on the pathway
and it didn't matter who sashayed on by.
He didn't move.
He didn't even get nervous with a camera lens in his beak.
Must be a pro.
This guy was sandwiched between 2 fisherman.
And he was totally hypnotized as the bait was swinging
back and forth and back and forth and back and forth
 on the line.
 And then got over it and flew away....
 And there were plenty more where he came from.
Lurking about on the rocks.
And a beautiful anahinga spreading his wings to dry.
 Ever on the alert.
 And my all time favorite poser.
I even got a catch light in his eye.
I love pelicans.
And anahingas.
Oh and there were dolphin heading out.
Wasn't fast enough for them.
This time.


  1. love the pictures you take and share!!!! beautiful!!!

  2. Lynn, you capture such beautiful shots, especially of wildlife which can be quite challenging!


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