Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vellum paper

I tend to forget about vellum. 
It became somewhat of a trend midway in the scrapbooking phenomenom
and of course I and everyone else jumped on that bandwagon.
And then like all trends it tended to fall away.
Well I happen to have some leftover from that trend and am 
bringing it back. Why? 
Because it is very versatile with its sheer, opaque quality. 
It can add elegance, soften patterns and mute colors.
It also can be a pain to adhere because the adhesive can be seen.
Unless your very stealthy in applying it.
 For instance, the only adhesive on the vellum is hidden behind the photo 
with a couple pieces of the washi tape. 
The top is being held in place by the tag and cloud. 
Stamping and writing on it can be tricky.
I used Stazon ink which will dry quickly without smearing.
Everything Studio Calico except for the tag- old Basic Grey that worked perfectly.
I love their face masks and I'd pretend to snowboard just so I could wear one.
Or maybe for Halloween - that would work for me.
Lessens the capacity for impending disaster.

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  1. I love this!
    I use vellum now and then too. It's fun to work with.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous layout. I love using vellum to mute colors. I've done a few layouts/cards where I got done and almost had to put shades on. Vellum was perfect for those.

  3. oops! missed this one~ love the vellum look!! Very inspiring!!!


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