Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Using cardstock as a base

I have to admit that with all the amazing, gorgeous and awesome pattern papers available, I forget that cardstock can be used as a base and will absolutely be the perfect fit in assembling your page. 
I remembered that for this page.
 I had chosen a blue/turquoise pattern paper that matched the dots in the October Afternoon paper. And it didn't quite work. 
And I just so happened across the same color in cardstock. 
The reason I loved October Afternoon PP is that it made my photos pop and I wanted that paper
to be the mat rather than the blue/turquoise pattern paper.
 The blues in my photos were just jarring against any other paper but the taupe/blue/green.
Therefore, CARDSTOCK as a base and a bigger mat for the photos.
The rest of the embellishments worked out well, however, I'm so not feeling the splats I made.
It just looked so BARE. Oh well. Too late now. LOL.
I did break out the sewing machine and did some stitching.

We stopped at St. Mark's wildlife refuge that also had a lighthouse.
A total win-win. Love them both. Wildlife and lighthouses.
This was a slight detour on our way home from Tallahassee and I got to take
photos, admire a lighthouse (they make me swoon) and critters. 
The critters actually stood still long enough for me to snap them, even the lighthouse.


  1. Glad you rediscovered cardstock as a base. :) It's the perfect backdrop for these beautiful photos and page, Lynn!

  2. love the cardstock base~looks awesome.


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