Friday, March 21, 2014

Met a friendly, gorgeous male this weekend

at Curry Hammock State Park. He started his courtship way out there.

And decided to come for dinner and bring a dish.

Fortunately he chose not to share.

He checked out the grill although I'm not sure why since he ate his dish raw.

And then he posed for me about a foot away.

And we became best buds.


  1. we have them too. I love them:):) Could watch them all day.

  2. Super cute!!! I've never seen a bird like that one, Lynn!

  3. Hi Lynn, trying to catch up on some blog reading today. :-) Better late than never.

    We have had the strangest thing at our house this spring. We have had several male cardinals sitting on a carved bear on our front porch, and taking turns bashing into the glass sidelight windows on either side of the front door. I checked with a friend who does wildlife rehab and she said it is a competitive mating-type ritual. So weird, and it has gone on for weeks. I am not sure how they haven't knocked themselves out! Anyway...beautiful photos you have captured!


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