Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snowboarding terms.....perfect title

And that's how I got the title.
Defined as the people you shred with.
And it fit perfectly.
Literrally and figuratively.
I love it when a plan comes through.
Which means you actually have to have a plan and normally I don't.
However, you can't ever go wrong with a great family photo.
So this is mostly Studio Calico stuff
except for LYB and the bottlecap that I purchased at this
cool antique mall and I only have a few left.
I'm gonna be so bummed when I run out.
So this time I used the cardstock as a b
igger than normal mat
because again, it popped the photo out.
But I loved the pink striped paper that I felt worked for
snow because it was well pepperminty looking which just screams winter 

Some snowboarding terms for your viewing pleasure and you never know
when you can impress kidlets with your knowledge.


A term used to describe a crash or fall.


a big snowball in the middle of a run frozen to the ground.


Same as face plant.


Someone that gets so messed up they cant move for like 45 seconds.


To tear up the terrain.


  1. Thanks for teaching me something new. :) Love how your page turned out and yes, the title is perfect!

  2. never new those terms:):) Love the die cut paper on the side and round no less~looks amazing !!!


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