Monday, March 10, 2014

Layers and layers

I love layers. 
There are times you wouldn't know it though.
Probably because I become baffled by layers.
Because you have to cover stuff up in order to layer and I have trouble covering
stuff up. Especially if its really cool stuff.
My mind just doesn't get it.
So now I try to layer things that aren't that cute if there going
to be on the bottom layer and/or covered up.
Problem semi-solved.
What you won't see is that I used modeling paste for
some honeycombs and the photo entirely covered it up.
The watercolors made it through. Sort of.
Heavy sigh.
The majority is studio calico - March kit with some old stuff.
Kaiser kraft, recollections, simple stories and twine.
Little Miss Amelia with her rosy cheeks and red nose and of course,
the princess wave - even in the midst of a snow flurry.
And doesn't she have a ton of layers going on.


  1. you do a good job at layering~super cute Lynn!!!

  2. Love the layering and little layered clusters, Lynn!

  3. Oh I LOVE this one Lynn! Great colors and the design and layering ROCKS!!!


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